Multiple border polyfill using Paint Worklet

Multiple color

.multi-color {
    --border-top-width: 10;
    --border-right-width: 20;
    --border-bottom-width: 30;
    --border-left-width: 40;
    --border-top-color: red aquamarine;
    --border-right-color: lightskyblue green lightskyblue green;
    --border-bottom-color: deepskyblue cyan lightgoldenrodyellow;
    --border-left-color: gold orange red pink;
🎨 CSS Paint API is Awesome


    --border-top-width: 2;
    --border-bottom-width: 2;
    --border-color: midnightblue white;
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With offset

.with-offset {
    --border-width: 6;
    --border-color: white lightgray white;
With offset

Based on Houdini Samples solution