Serg Hospodarets Blog

Serg Hospodarets blog

Hi, my name is
Serg Hospodarets

I'm an experienced executive Engineering and Technology leader, speaker, Web and Cloud infrastructure enthusiast.

I love building new products, platforms and great teams.

I'm an expert in different topics, main of which are:

  • Front-End (JavaScript/TS, CSS, Node.js, UX/UI)
  • DevOps (CI/CD/CM, IaC, K8S, Cloud Service Providers and their services etc.),
  • Platform Engineering and Engineering Organization scale fostering trust, building Internal Development Platforms, and deliver company products using it, enabling the business
  • Architecture and SDLC process organization + Security, Accessibility, Performance, Security, Testing etc.
  • Back-end, DBs and microservices Node.js, Java Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, APIs creation and-so-on

At the same time I am: