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Serg Hospodarets blog


I really love to create something new: from the browser API to a CSS demo. Being involved in the latest discussions regarding the browser additions and latest Front-End features, I really love to share my experience and excite others regarding the abilities they can learn and start using.

Usually, it’s about everything related to Front-End:

  • CSS: latest layouts, new properties and modules, pre/post processor news, libraries, CSS Houdini and performance
  • JavaScript: ES6+ features, build time and native differences/abilities, Node.js, frameworks, new APIs, and proposals, security, and perf
  • Build tools: Node.js, npm scripts, Webpack/Rollup/Browserify, Gulp/Grunt, Bash and dozen other interesting words 😉
  • Browsers: new DevTools features, latest additions to the browsers support, experimental flags and capabilities, page load and UI interaction performance
  • proposals/specs: dev discussions, ideas, needs and proposals
  • and many other things.

It’s useful for various people, including UI developers, UX designers, JavaScript developers and many others (DevOps, Management etc.)

I usually speak at public conferences but can give a talk at private/company events. Same is about workshops- I can provide them if you are interested in it.

Do you want me to speak at your conference or run a workshop-
Contact me: [email protected]

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