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Platform Engineering- Why and How to start Serg Hospodarets Blog

The tech industry went from IT to DevOps, and now we are in the era of Platform Engineering teams. They are to enable the business, and create a company-specific platform to develop and deliver their products.

It requires an abstraction level on top of Cloud providers (AWS, Azure etc.) and tooling (K8S, Terraform..), including specific app type templates (Express, Spring Boot, Flask etc.) and CI/CD pipelines (GitLab, Github) + observability and security enablement, to move the cognitive load from the product delivery teams.

Preparing a business use-case, building a team, picking the right tooling, fostering the culture, solution and approaches are complex, but there is a common set of patterns and tools, so this talk is to describe both the reasons why Platform Engineering is a must, and to demo which tooling and approaches will help you to start.

Youtube video is here

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Curated list of solutions, tools and resources for Platform Engineering

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