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Chrome DevTools- Performance monitor

How often have you applied the JavaScript or CSS solution considered as an optimization, and after couldn’t find an easy way to measure how effective it was?
Of course, you have the performance timeline recording, but in most cases, it provides the retrospective data, not the life-updated.
For this and other performance-measuring techniques, Chrome DevTools added the “Performance Monitor” tab which represents the real-time app performance metrics:

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Node.js debugging with Chrome DevTools (in parallel with browser JavaScript)

Recently Paul Irish described how you can debug Node.js applications with Chrome DevTools.

Since that time Chrome DevTools have evolved and the step, where you had to open the separate page with a specific URL to debug the Node.js code, was removed.

It means, today you can debug your browser JavaScript files and Node.js ones in the same DevTools window in parallel, which makes the perfect sense.

Let’s take a look how it works.

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