Serg Hospodarets Blog

Serg Hospodarets blog

Hi, my name is
Serg Hospodarets

I'm a Director of Software Engineering based in Dublin.

And I'm a big fan of moving CSS and JavaScript forward, participate specifications debates and discuss new features with the community.

Author of Serg Hospodarets Blog, speaker and open-source community member (Github, npm).

I like to stay on top of the latest Web technologies and browser additions, participate their development, standardization, and enhancement.

You always can find all this highlighted on my Twitter

As a participant of JS/CSS/HTML specs discussions, I have a significant experience and understanding why some solutions were made in some particular way and can highlight the details of the current state of the art on the bleeding edge of the Web technologies.

My passion is building software and leading teams, through inception, architecture, execution and delivery.